A two-level apartment project for a newlywed couple. They travel, play many sports, are energetic, positive, in love and risky.

The planning and solutions in this apartment are not suitable for young children and the elderly. But there will be an atmosphere of fun and serenity.
Bruklin_10A black I-beam staircase leads to the second floor. Wooden steps are weightless in appearance, but pleasant to the touch.

Bruklin_2Bruklin_4The peculiarity of the owner of the apartment – he is not “yesterday”. So they didn’t plan a big refrigerator. Long table top, open shelves for kitchen utensils, powerful hood and a few cabinets. This is enough to prepare healthy breakfasts and dinners.

Bruklin_3Bruklin_6Almost all furniture is made by our masters. On wood, on metal, on cabinet furniture. Armchairs with recliners from the series “Friends” are also ordered from our domestic manufacturer.

Bruklin_7 Bruklin_5Trophies like boards and guitars we carefully hung on the walls.

Bruklin_9Under the stairs we organized the entrance to the bathroom and the storage area for outerwear and shoes. And on the second floor, which was obtained thanks to the high ceiling (where else, how not to make a loft on the top floor?) There was a small bedroom with a tiny wardrobe.



We took care of every inch of this small apartment. Additional storage space for sports equipment is arranged under the mattress and headboard.

Project manager: Victoria Dvorzhanska

Designers: Lada Kamyshanska, Alexander Milovanov

Drawings: Olga Goncharova