Our team

Hello, I’m Victoria Dvorzhanska – the founder and chief designer of the studio.
I have 15 years of experience in the field of architecture, a certified economist-marketer, completed about 300 design projects and dream of building a housing estate with eco-culture, open courtyards and beautiful neighbors. My favorite style is American. But all without exception projects are my favorites.

Victoria Dvorzhanska – Founder of the studio
Diana Dvoretska – Architect
Daria Medyanyk – Assistant and Designer
Maksym Bilko – Head of the Implementation Department
Anna Klimenko – Architect
Anastasia Pokoptseva – Designer
Ksenia Demidchuk – Compiler
Iryna Osoka – Designer

Our approach to work

All projects as one are my brainchild and my pride. And also the experience and love of my team. We invest in them to the fullest. Our mission is to bring people comfort and beauty to their homes, their ancestral home. And every time we start a new project, we give it a name. This is not a template or a loud phrase – this name is a part of the owners of the house.

  • “Maximus” is the name of a cat. Sounds good.
  • “Lavloren” – the main landmark with which the customer came to me and thus marked the overall concept – is the designer Ralph Lauren.
  • “Cat House” – in honor of the hostess. She seemed to me such a wise, calm, caring mother cat. Six children is no joke.
  • “Pavlusha” – so kindly calls her husband a customer.
  • “Borius”. Mustache is the name of the owners of the estate near Boryspil.
  • “Lviv Gate”. The natives of Lviv bought an apartment in the Solar Gate residential complex. They are impressed by the classical-preclassical style.
  • “Milkman”. The owner of the apartment is the director of a factory.
  • “Kryvulya” – I will not divulge corporate secrets. Hello, Naste.
  • “Den” – a guest house for the owner-bachelor.
  • “Cozy hut” – I asked and the customers came up with the name. They’re cool!
etc I already love my brothers and sisters. And I respect their glybinnі pobazhannya, yakі menі (іnоdі) vdaёtsya look at the kіz kіz bunch of stereotypes. Axis is the axis of Friday knowing in love to my clients))

Our style – “Air classics”

During eight years of work, I studied many styles and directions of design and came to the conclusion that “Air Classic” is the style in which we feel organic and natural. My customers are people who value home traditions and luxury. They understand that everyone has to do their job, so they trust me to organize their ideas and thoughts into a structure and competently process the space. The style took place and wealthy people. Every detail is a work of art. Bright, “airy” interior embodies harmony and comfort.
  • If table lamps are planned in the project, the sockets for them should be hidden behind the bedside table.
  • Duplicate the main light switch near the far bedside table It will be easier to turn off the chandelier without getting out of bed
  • Glass doors will hide your decor from dust, and lighting will highlight this area
  • Not all types of decorative plaster can be used on stairs or in two-light rooms. Some materials dry very quickly while the master applies the strokes.
  • Under the sink you can place not only a garbage can, but also water filters, food waste disposer, soap and detergent dispenser, and even a boiler!
  • The island is below the usual bar, can successfully perform its functions if you choose the appropriate height chairs
  • Even at the measurement stage, it is important to record the height from the ceiling to the part of the windows that opens. The window should be able to open.
  • When choosing textiles, it is important to take into account many factors: compatibility with other finishing options, the size of the windows. Ideally, all samples should be measured by location
  • light affects mood in different ways. For example, cold – invigorates, and warm soothes. And if you use a dimmer switch, you will get a romantic and cozy atmosphere in combination with warm light
  • In small rooms, you can turn off the overhead light altogether. Here, light sources have two functions: to illuminate the area near the mirror at eye level and create a romantic atmosphere
  • Be careful when installing the mirror. If you hang it too low, splashes of water will soil it. And too high is inconvenient for children and short people