Chic classics for a large family

Two-level apartment of 180 sq.m. in a classic style.

The layout of the apartment was relatively free – only one load-bearing wall dividing the apartment into two parts. It was necessary to accommodate the older generation – parents in the bedroom with their dressing room and bathroom, 20-year-old daughter and leave a guest room where the second daughter would stay with her family. As a result, the classic interior of this cozy apartment turned out light, gentle and meets all the wishes of customers – successful and intelligent people. The entire first floor is dedicated to the public area – there is space, light and plenty of space for guests. The second is a private area with bedrooms.

The project was made for the design studio of Kateryna Dubrovska

In the spacious hall, strictly under the chandelier, the floor is decorated with a useless rosette of several types of stone.
03_ARAM_Hall_fin-1200x169701_ARAM_Hall_fin-1200x849 From the hall you can go to the kitchen or living room, bypassing the guest bathroom, laundry and wardrobe

04_ARAM_Hall_fin-1200x849 06_Aram_WC1_fin-kopiya-1200x827 02_ARAM_Hall_fin-1200x849 On the way from the hall to the kitchen, we take guests through two shop windows, where the hosts store souvenirs and expensive things for them. These are gifts and decor that the hosts will now be able to show to guests. We covered the niches with glass doors so that the souvenirs would not fall to dust. And to attract attention to them, they organized lighting.
07_ARAM_Kitchen_fin-1200x849A marble carpet was laid around the island. In this way, we highlighted the central part and supported it by zoning on the ceiling.
08_ARAM_Kitchen_fin-1200x84909_ARAM_Kitchen_fin-1200x849 10_ARAM_Kitchen_fin-1-1200x849Medium-height bar stools allow the whole family to sit comfortably around the island for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
11_ARAM_Kitchen_fin-1200x849The background decoration on the TV is the three-dimensional wallpaper of Linkrust. We used them in showcases for souvenirs.
12_ARAM_Dinning_fin-1200x849The dining room is decorated with a decorative candle fireplace.
13_ARAM_Dinning_fin-1200x849Покриття для підлоги – щитовий паркет з дуба.
14_ARAM_Living_fin-1200x849 15_ARAM_Living_fin-1200x849 16_ARAM_Living_fin-1200x849 19_Aram_BedRoomAsia_fin-1200x849We arranged a ceiling in my daughter’s bedroom above the bed. It is easily removed and hung back with Velcro.
20_Aram_BedRoomAsia_fin-1200x849 21_Aram_BedRoomAsia_fin-1200x848The apartment is on the top floor and it would be a shame to lose this opportunity. We organized a couch with a great view. Inside the wall was upholstered with soft plush and a reading sconce was installed.
22_Aram_BedRoomAsia_fin-1200x84923_Aram_BedRoomAsia_fin-kopiya-1200x827 32_Aram_Master_fin-1200x849 33_Aram_Master_fin-1200x849The parents’ bedroom is made in peach shades.
34_Aram_Master_fin-1200x849 Multi-level ceiling due to the geometry of the roof.
35_Aram_Master_fin-1200x849 36_Aram_Master_fin-1200x849Bath of parents. Prerequisites – bath, shower, dressing table and a place in the locker for storing bathrobes. Everyone took it into account.
37_Aram_Master_fin-1200x849A great rarity – a window in the bathroom. Yes, and to sex. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Heating, plumbing, lighting, filling and arrangement of furniture.
38_Aram_Master_fin-1200x84939_Aram_Master_fin-kopiya-1200x828 25_Aram_WC_fin-kopiya-1200x828The daughters’ bathroom is also equipped with a dressing table, which is integrated into the washbasin cabinet.
29_Aram_Anna_fin-kopiya-1200x828This bedroom is for temporary residence. The eldest daughter will come sometimes for the night.

And she already lives separately with her family.