Believe it or not, the ceiling in this apartment is 2.55. We fought for every millimeter. And the grid of moldings did not steal space at all. Bright walls and doors, lots of light visually expanded the space and were able to maintain the style of “air classic”.

Соник_4The 7 cm backlight strip is built in so that when switched off it is just a horizontal plane along with the corner cornice. The light turns on when you open the cabinet. We call this technique the “refrigerator effect.”

Соник_3Soft seat and drawers under it, hangers for outerwear, small accessories and accessories – all in place and easily accessible. And the shield, router, security control and everything that needed to be hidden from prying eyes, we placed in a locker near the front door.

Design, visualization, drawings, implementation: Victoria Dvorzhanskaya