My approach to work

All projects as one are my brainchild and my pride. And also the experience and love of my team. We invest in them to the fullest. Our mission is to bring people comfort and beauty to their homes, their ancestral home. And every time we start a new project, we give it a name. This is not a template or a loud phrase – this name is a part of the owners of the house.


“Maximus” is the name of a cat. Sounds beautiful.
“Lavloren” – the main landmark with which the customer came to me and thus marked the overall concept – is the designer Ralph Lauren.
“Cat’s house” – in honor of the hostess. She seemed to me such a wise, calm, caring mother cat. Six children is no joke.
“Pavlusha” – so kindly calls her husband the customer.
“Borius”. Mustache is the name of the owners of the estate near Boryspil.
“Lviv Gate”. The natives of Lviv bought an apartment in the Solar Gate residential complex. They are impressed by the classical-preclassical style.
“Milkman”. The owner of the apartment is the director of a factory.
“Curve” – ​​I will not divulge corporate secrets. Nastya Hello.
“Berloga” – a guest house for the owner-bachelor.
“Cozy hut” – I asked and the customers came up with the name themselves. They are cool!


I love all my customers very much. And I respect their deep wishes, which I (sometimes) manage to see through a bunch of stereotypes.

Here is a Friday confession of love for my clients))